A Long Stream of Continuation: Prologue and Rules To A New Contest

Well, sadly the shortest ficlet contest has come to it’s conclusion.
I decided to continue the fun.
Here’s the basic drift: Write a 64 character continuation of the sequel of this, (actually, this’ sequel) called A Long Stream of Continuation (# here). You can either add to the most recent entry, or to any of the others. Confused? Here’s an example.
Lets say that you wanted to sequel the 3 ficlet, and someone had already sequeled it.
You would label yours 3.2.
If you have any questions, send me a note!
Be as creative as you would like…And, if you wish, be comedical.
Good Luck!
Note to THX : No, It has to be 64 actual letters, numbers, spaces, or objects of punctuation.
Please Note: I asked permission of previous contest runners if I could use this idea :)

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