Don't mess with me, little brother!

I stared at my feet and was trying to get that horrible picture out of my voice.
Matt is too scary for a little brother
All of the sudden, I felt a short, sharp blow on the back of my neck like a small explosion against my skin.
All of the sudden everything came back. What Matt said to Mel, how rudely he said it, and that i was pissed.
I wheeled around and socked Matt straight across his face. He didn’t even falter, he just went back to me and jumped up, and kicked me straight in the stomach. I sputtered, while Matt went ballistic on me. His fists were blur, but after a few seconds, I went numb. He stopped for a second to catch his breath, I took advantage of that. I grabbed his arms, and twisted them behind his pack, and pinned him to the floor.
Pretty bad idea, to stop there, little brother.” I said through clenched teeth. “Never talk to her like that again, or you’ll be hurt more than this.” I twisted his arm a little farther, then poked at his elbow.
Matt yelped and sped to his room.

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