Finding fairy 2

I was amazed at the thing. But after a few minutes I realized that it was holding my homework the thing I had been looking for all along. I could see the clock out of the corner of my eye the bus was already waiting. I had to think quick, so I grabbed the plastic cup that was sitting on my dresser. As soon as the glowing ball of light wizzed by me I slammed the cup down over it. My homework slipped out of its grasp and slowly floated to the ground. As I bent down to have a closer look at what was inside the cup the blue color slowly changed to a dark red. I was amazed! I didnt think fairies existed! but here one was rite inside my room. She was wearing a sliver dress that was tattered at the end. Her hair was pinned and tied in a bow on the back of her head. Her wings they were the best part. They were long and uneven at the end. The wings started out black and faded to white. Oh no! last chance to catch the bus I stashed the cup with the fairy in it under the bed stuffed my homework into my backpack and ran.

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