You're In My Seat

I walked out of L.A, went to my locker, and then went back to my homeroom for team time.

I walked over to my seat but somebody’s stuff was already there.

“Kyle, move your stuff.” I said.

“No, I don’t wanna sit next to Bryce.”


“He’s annoying.” Kyle said jokingly as Bryce made an offended facial expression.

“Well where I am suppose to sit?”

“I don’t know.” Kyle looked over at the empty seat next to Bryce as if to imply that I should sit there.

“Are you really not going to move?”

“I’m not moving.”


I picked up my stuff and scanned the room for a seat. Obviously I should have taken the seat next to Bryce, I would have gotten to spend 73 minutes with they guy I liked.

I could have asked him for help with my homework.

I could have dropped my pencil, and he could have picked it up for me.

I could have broken my pencil, and asked to borrow one from him.

But of course being the way I am, I found a seat in the front corner and sat down, too nervous to take the seat next to Bryce.

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