A Final Note

My father had died… I don’t know what to stay.
I want things to change, but also carry on this way.
Good riddance, perhaps, or a terrible thing
He had died without a cause for living.
I can’t find a reason he pulled the plug
We would’ve found a cure
But the benefactors now sit smug
Their gains rest impure.

They convinced him to kill himself
I couldn’t stop him
He pulled the breathalizer off the shelf
And his face looked grim
As he watched his lifeline on the floor
Shattered and forgotten
He wondered if he should’ve went through the second door
Down the path less trodden.

Should’ve gotten a degree
Should’ve watched less T.V
Should’ve never gotten in the car crash
Should’ve never gotten the deep gash
After being dragged along
He explained how he could’ve been,
“And if you think that I’m wrong,
this never could’ve happened to me!”

So now I stand up on a chair
Tie the rope to a rafter there
Hit the chair off, clench my throat
I end my life with a final note…

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