Making a Pact

I was always so afraid you’d die. Flashes of meshed together images of your lifeless body, cold and dead, haunted my thoughts and dreams. You would always leave the universe in car accident scenarios; each was chilling and brutal, and always sent me into nerve wracking seizures.

So, I made a silent pact with God one day. I told him that I would rather suffer seeing you with another girl than to have you gone from my life completely.

And guess what?

As I lay here during a cold, silent midnight, you’re off exploring the world with someone new. A girl who is in no way, shape, or form… me.

But I don’t see you dying anymore.

I can’t be sure that my pact with God is the reason why I’m suffering without you and the reason why you’re still alive. But for the sake of hurting just a little bit less, it’s all I have to believe in.

At least you’re happy, and alive.

That’s all I could ever ask for.

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