Guy with a Gun

They steps took longer than they had the first time. The road home can be longer. He looked over the gun, in it was every piece of medical advice he had ever heard, every opinion. Every feeling. There was one bullet left.
He though that he had made up his mind. Could he call cowardice just a recalcitrant indecision? There wasn’t anyone here to dispute it. No lawyers, lawyers always come later, after things happen, thats when lawyers come. To make sense of it all to the people that were there.
He didn’t belive the six weeks line. It was impossible. Six weeks! Good thing the Brady bill is only five days!
He eased into the car. Today over a hundred people will die driving, most of them will deserve to live. He wanted to be one of that hundred. To do his part, but the road was deserted and he knew the way home offered nowhere near the amount of risk he craved. Needed.
Cheryl was still at work, he didn’t have to be home before here. It helped if he was, but it wasn’t necessary. He turned the key in the ognition.

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