Good, Bad, Horribly Wrong In Many Ways

He couldn’t come up with a response. Ha!

“Okay students. Today we’ll be learning..” the teacher started up again.

Warren was still staring at me. Honestly, does he want me to make a fool of him again? Maybe this time the rest of the class will join in, like “Oh burn.” and the rest of the normal 9th grade sound effects.

“And what do you have to say to that, Autumn?”

I snapped back into reality. “D. all of the above.”

The rest of the class snickered. “Well I had asked you to challenge Warren’s sentence as to why it was wrong, but seeing as you were thinking about quizzes, POP QUIZ !”

The class groaned. Today is not my day.

Warren was looking at me again. I decided I would continue the Eye Game further, and look back at him, and of course his natural reaction was to look away. But I held my gaze, which gave me a good time to look him over.

Everything was normal except.. his hair. It was dripping in an incredibly hott way.

WAIT ! It wasn’t dripping in a hott way.. it was.. uh..

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