Kitchen Science

“Ok Jimmy I give up, why the hell is there a bag of frozen vegetables scattered across the kitchen table?” He was huddled over sprawling orange yellow and green and looked to be tiling the wooden table.

“To thaw.”

“Oh yes, of course, to thaw..WHAT are you doing?”

“Making lttle men, what does it look like?” gesturing towards a plate with little human like forms surrounded by mashed mistakes.

“A big frickin’ mess, WHY are you making little men?”

“They’re cool.”

“Yes yes ha ha – they’re frozen” nodding my head.

“Here look.” he placed a warm vegetable person squarely in my palm.

“Green bean legs, corn for a head, well worth the mess. You need to clean this crap up. How many of these did you make?”


I was lost. “You’ve been in here for hours…. can I have this one?”

“Sure but don’t….....” Mid-sentence I popped the veggie-man into my mouth and bit down on something ….hard.

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