Cutting Class

Jessie and me, we are rebels.

Alright maybe not so much, but hey we lived on the edge today!!

Let me tell you about it…

It’s two days after Kyle took my seat, and I’m still upset with myself for not taking the seat by Bryce. And now just to make it better, I have to go sit through study hall, with absolutely no homework to do. And to make it worse, I was suppose to bring in two persuasive articles and ads for L.A. today and they are due when we get back from 5th period. And I don’t have them.

“Jessie, this sucks, I am so not in the mood for study hall with Paulson, and I don’t have any articles!!.”

“Me either, and I so don’t wanna go too!!.”

“But there isn’t anything we can do about it.” I said.

I looked at Jessie, a smile formed on her face, a mischievous one.

She wasn’t thinking what I thought she was thinking, was she?

“We could cut.” She said.

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