Reunited: A love story...well, kinda

“What, in Henson’s name, is it going to take to kill that bear?” Grover asked Camilla as they scanned the woods. “I had him. I didn’t think bears could move that fast.”

“Bock Bock Ba Bock!” Camilla said, glaring at him.

“Whaddya mean Gonzo could have done it? I’m sick of you bringing that weird bastard up every time I do something wrong. Go back to him if he is so damned perfect!”

“Wokka! Wokka!” the bear yelled behind them.

They both spun around at the same time and opened fire. Bullets ripped into trees and sent splinters flying everywhere. There was no sign of the bear.

“He is messing with us!” Grover screamed as they reloaded their weapons. Brown hands appeared on each side of his head. Before he could react, Fozzie had snapped Grover’s neck. He fell to the ground in a pile of blue fur and hunting gear.

Fozzie aimed his pistol at Camilla and grinned. Camilla closed her eyes and she heard the twack twack of silenced gunshots. She opened her eyes to Gonzo standing over the dead bear.

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