Poe and Holmes: Locked Up

Poe’s eyes shot open and he sat up. He was on a repair table in the Asimov Android Company’s repair lab. A familiar looking man in a lab coat was standing next to him.

“Edison?” Poe said. “I thought you’d be dead by now.”

“I might as well be,” Edison said, frowning, “I’ve replaced everything but my brain at this point. I am glad those idiot repairmen didn’t damage your ‘special ability’ when they repaired you?”

“What ‘special ability’ are you referring to?” Poe asked, confused.

“You were developed by Asimov, right before his death. Unbeknown to us, you were the first self-aware android. The only other model like you is Holmes here,” He pointed to an Android that looked like Sherlock Holmes. “His speech motivator went out, and in the process he gained self-awareness. The only problem is that he seems to be somewhat depressed at the fact that he can’t speak. He just sits there in a trance most of the time. So we’ll have to keep you both locked up until we can do further experimentation.”

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