Quick, like a band-aid!

Creating schedules together with Emily had seemed like a brilliant idea at the time – it was a miracle that they managed to get three classes together. They always joked that third period was agony, because they had to go so long without each other.

Ah, young love.

Now, it was sheer torture. Sean was kicking himself – why was he stupid enough to give her the note before classes? Because you wanted to get rid of her as soon as you could, the rational part of his mind reminded himself. After sitting through two classes of watching Emily try not to cry as she re-read The Note under her desk, Sean escaped to the solace of his friends at lunchtime. He didn’t regret what he did, that was for sure. Four months had been long enough; she had gotten too clingy. It seemed like every stupid minute was focused on stupid Emily, she was taking over his life! Sean scowled at the thought, tossing his lunch tray in the garbage as he headed back to class. He had never looked so forward to history in his life.

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