The moon, or bust... very bust

The take off from Zenuse port had been thrilling and spectacular. Dachante’s scales had been shivering with excitement as the sheer force of velocity pushed his body hard against his seat. His sleek rocket-powered air ship had shot up into the sky like a fiery arrow. That was before one of the large turbines fell off, now…

“WHY IS IT GOING SIDEWAYS ! SIDEWAYS BAD !SIDEWAYS VERY BAAAD !!!” The lizardling screamed as he flipped buttons and pulled levers in frantic haste. Alarms in his tiny canopy were screaming and flashing as the ship vibrated fiercely, making his ability to think difficult. He reached under his chair and reconnected several wires in new combinations. A number of the sirens halted. His long tail relaxed along it’s designated hole in the back of his seat.

“Ha!” He yelled triumphantly, pulling one lever with pride. Sadly, he was pulling the incorrect one. Suddenly, his tiny cockpit ejected as a tiny pod from the rest of the vehicle.

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