Technical Difficulties

“Nonononono—!” He tugged hard on a handle above him. Nothing happened as he tumbled to the earth. He reached under his seat once more and returned the circuitry to it’s original positions and pulled the handle once more. A large parachute resembling horizontal bird feather emerged from the pod. It began to glow light blue and the pod’s decent slowed dramatically. The inertia from this drop in speed sent Dachante bouncing in his seat; it’s straps holding him in place. After he regained his bearings, he looked out the side window just in time to see the rest of his ship explode in the distance. He also saw the city of Lyneyl below him. A city that was supposed to be over a day’s flight away.

“At least…” He sighed, ”... it got… off the ground… this tim—HHMMMURGGLEG!” Something nasty, smelly, and unrecognizable as food spat up from Dachante’s mouth and onto the control board.

“Well,.. it could still be worse,” He tried to reassure himself. The control board responded by sparking and then catching fire..

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