Lynel landing

The pod floated gently into Lyneyl’s center, creating havoc for all vehicles and creatures whose paths it crossed on the way down. A number of hover crafts and beasts of burden crashed into walls and each other. When the former canopy finally landed on it’s side, the side door burst open to release a huge plume of smoke. Dachante emerged a second later, coughing and hacking. He stumbled away from the site to gain his bearings and some fresh air.

A few moments later, he realized just what kind of trouble he just caused for those in the nearby vicinity. He fled as soon as he could down the nearest alleyway. As he did so, he looked behind him for a second; Hence, he did not see the young lady crouching in his path and his leg tripped over some part of her. With his arms waving wildly, Dachante stumbled forward and he slammed, head-first, onto the wall beside him. He fell flat on his back and lay there partially dazed, but mostly whimpering. This had not turned out to be the best day of his life.

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