See Sledge Fight

After a deal of walking, his thoughts were interrupted with a startle by the sight of something standing just around one of the winding corners of the hallway; one of Them! It was facing the opposite direction and looked like it might have been another person, but its stance and silence told him otherwise; a marionette held up by half of the strings. It slowly turned to face him and, though the eyes never moved, it would still see him.

Instinct and fear took hold of him, as familiar adrenaline coursed through his body once more. In desperation, he charged it, letting is hammer slide until his grip was directly beneath the mallet end. He swung his arm in a horizontal hook, the head of his weapon striking the side of the target’s head. The should-be corpse landed flat on it’s back. Without wasting time, the man grabbed the butt end of his hammer with his other hand and lifted it up behind his head. With a loud heave, he swing vertically; his blunt instrument arching into the thing’s face and head…


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