The elevator rattled to a stop and the lights dimmed.

“What the- Mother fu-”


“Oh, who cares. There’s just the two of us here. All alone in the dark.”

“This is true, however, need I remind you about how important this meeting is? Do not blow this, D.”

“Urgh. These code names are so stupid. Couldn’t we at least pick something other then the first letter of our names?”


“Oh come on! I want something cool, like V or Q.”


“Fine. Have it your way… Mr.T.”


“Do you pity the foo’? Do ya?”

“After we are done with the CEO , please remind me why I should let you live.”

“You always say that, T.”

“How are you still here then?”

“I’m your best friend of course!”

“Best friend.”

“And besides, who else could get such sweet-ass suits on such a short notice? This is some Matrix shit. Or Resovoir Dogs. We got code names and everything.”

“Your knowledge of pop culture from before we were born never ceases to amaze me, D.”

“Really, T?”


The elevator shuddered back into motion.

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