A Snapshot.

[A companion piece to ‘An Excerpt.’ The exact opposite concept; describing the scene and conveying what’s going on without any dialogue at all, although once again trying to avoid purple prose.]

A boy, a girl, shadows on a blanket in a dark suburban backyard. They lie flat on their backs, in a half-embrace as the girl curls up to the boy, resting on his arm. Whispers, an exclamation. The girl moves, shifting so her head is resting on the boy’s chest. Giggles, silence. More murmurs, they seem to convey a heavier air than the earlier conversation. The tone is broken as jokes are made; the girl flaps her arm to lightly smack the boy. They settle into a comfortable silence, enveloped in the darkness. More murmurs exchanged, quick bursts of words barely puncturing the night.

Contentment personified.

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