Avoiding Class

We walked down the stairs heading towards the cafeteria.

“You know we are going to walk passed the library, right?” I said.

“Yeah, I know, we just have to be quick.” Jessie said.

“And hope that Paulson doesn’t see us.” I agreed.

We slipped passed the library and entered the cafeteria.

East and west were in lunch now, but east would be leaving in about 5 minutes.

We sat down at a table with some of our fiends.

“What are you doing here??”


We hung out for awhile but once east left the place was to empty.

“We might get noticed.”

“We need to hide.”

We went into the bathroom and just talked for 10 minutes.

When there was only 5 minutes left before this lunch period and our study hall got out, we heard people coming in.

“Quick in the stall.”

“I think they heard us.”

I stood on the toilet seat, and Jessie stood in front of me.

Someone opened the door.

“I don’t want to know.” Said Betsy looking at the two of us in our strange positions in the bathroom.

We all burst out laughing.

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