The Story of a little town called carletteria and a little girl

“Scareletta, How dare you go outside you know its dangerous here Anywhere for that matter.” My mother finished shortly. “Mother I told you i heard moaning outside and then i endded up outside”. She looked at me strangly. I knew what she was thinking, Her daughter possesed the sight. Why did the Mugettas have to come and ruin our pecful world. “Mama, mama my bunny Lalas bow is torn.” my sister said with desperation.My Mother was in no mood to sew somthing on a bunny.”Claricka you silly girl come here, she came running to me. I took her to our joint room. I sat on my bed and got my special box of sewing things i have collected over the years.The box was a mahogony wood with ivory flowers on it. It was the only box of sewing things we had left. The Mugettas took all of our enjoyment things and neccesities. I was lucky enough to have a loose floor board so we quickly stuffed some small items in it.I brought out a pink satin ribbon that i found on the ground by school. This will do. My sister squirmed with delight

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