Andrea's HUGE secret!

She tries to get the words out as she cries heavily…”I- I’m- p-pregnant!”
Krissy took a step back. “What?! How? Who?”
“Just get me out of here first!” Andrea said.
“Okay okay get in!” They both got into the car and drove off to a shopping mall parking lot.
“Well first off, are you sure?”
“I checked the pregnancy self test. I wasn’t feeling well the past few days so I bought it because I had all the symptoms. When I got home today, I went into the bathroom and felt like throwing up so I took it out of its box and I tested it and I got the smiley face. I think that means that I AM !”
“Omg! Well, you never know, those things have a degree of accuracy, they could be wrong. And besides who could it be, did you and Lucas..”
“No, and you don’t get pregnant 20 minutes later anyways and we didn’t even kiss!”
“So who?! Kenny?!”
“It had to be Kenny! He’s the only guy I’ve ever been with.”
“How are you planning to tell him? Don’t expect him to take any responsibility for this. He’d rather admit to murder!”

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