Freckled Ear: A Philosophical Exploration of the Pen Name that Made Me Slightly Unique

Exhausted by elevated expectations upon my discovery of Ficlets through an AIM email, I started myself as not_a_prodigy.
I was tired of being the smart girl; I wanted to reach out to the other Straight A-ers out there, but still be angsty.
However, I felt this was too… something. It could raise the expectations of my writing, but also reminded me of my angst. I’m normally a happy person, so I didn’t need that.

Wanting an innocent change, a comment by a good-looking, but totally repulsive, boy in my band class gave me my inspiration when he suggested to get my ear pierced on my cartilage.

Too bad for him because I’m a goody-goody, but he also noticed that I have a freckle on my right ear, but not on the lobe, and not on the cartilage, kind of in a weird position.

Now, Freckled Ear is somewhat vague and undescriptive pen name that has nothing to do with writing whatsoever, but makes me feel special.

I’m looking for a change to an un-bizarre screenname, but while I’m finding it, explore your own ears.

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