The Beginning

White hot blinding pain seared through her half opened eyes and into the deepest parts of her brain. Her first thought was she was dead. Then through the pain she came to realize it was sunlight that was blinding her. Instinct told her to roll over, away from the light, but her body wouldn’t move. Closing her eyes against the light, she tried to move her fingers. Nothing. Toes? Again nothing. Finally, she tried to speak and heard a scratchy, hollow voice say, “where am I?”

Far off in the distance she heard the reply, “someplace safe. Don’t worry.”

Not recognizing the voice she asked, “who are you?”


“Am I dead Marcus?”

A soft laugh reached her. “No. Not yet anyway.”

For the first time, fear gripped her. Then anger. She was going to survive this. She was going to live. She had so much to live for. Or did she. When she tried to remember what she had to live for, her mind drew a blank. Even her own name was a mystery. Just what in the hell had happened to her?

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