How does Andrea Tell him?

“That’s the problem, I don’t know how to tell him, and I know he won’t take any responsibility for this but I can’t handle this alone.” Andrea said.

“I’m here for you but really tell me..When are you gonna tell him?” Krissy says.As she hugs her

“When I’m sure I want to tell him.”
“What?! You have to tell him, it’s his baby too. You have to tell him tomorrow.”
“I can’t. He might tell his friends and I don’t wanna be known as the school slut.”
“Why would anyone call you a slut, you’ve only been with him. Wait a second! When did you guys actually..Ya know..Do it? You never told me”
“Krissy, I just realized that I’m pregnant, not telling you should be the least of your worries right now.”
“I’m sorry I’m sorry! It’s just I’m shocked! I never thought you would actually give in to Kenny like that.”
“Me neither.”
“So now what?” Krissy says as she gets into the car again.
“I don’t know. Can I stay at your place?”
“Why did Larry find out?”
“No but I’m not gonna even take my chance with that.”

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