Secret Calls

I see Kay coming back. She’s practically giddy when two minutes ago she looked anxious. God only knows what’s going on with her these days.
“Ready to go?” Kay asks serenely.
We walk in silence for a minute. “Something on your mind?” I ask, looking sideways at her. She has her hands in her pocket and is gripping something tightly.
“No, no.” She shakes her head emphatically. Weird.
We make the rest of the trip in silence and are careful to slip into the house discreetly.
“I’m really tired,” Kay announces, stretching and yawning simultaneously. She grabs her toiletry bag. “I think I’m just going to get ready for bed. That party was really crazy, huh?” I smile and nod.
She leaves and goes to the bathroom down the hall.
I wait a minute before I pick up my cell phone and dial Damien’s number. I’ve been thinking about him all night. It goes straight to voicemail.
“Hey, Damien,” I chirp. “It’s me, Tiff. I, uh, have been (cough) thinking about you lately. I miss hanging out, so if you have time, call me back. Later.”

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