Sadism and Masochism and Explosions, Oh My!

So Future Sam had apparently delivered a future newspaper to his ex-girlfriend. In order to cause problems for himself. Would that make him a sadist and a masochist? And why was he preventing himself from getting the time machine he so dearly wanted himself to get? That… just didn’t follow. But he had more pressing issues than getting in a fight with himself.

“I had nothing to do with this prank, Amy. I’ve been too busy trying to get yesterday’s outfit into the hamper. And this isn’t a real newspaper anyway. I got this same paper delivered this morning, and this wasn’t in it. Here,” he picked up his paper from his table and handed it to her, “See for yourself. In the meantime, I have errands to attend to. I trust you can see yourself out.”

As Amy shuffled through the paper, Sam hurried out. The headline on the future newspaper read “Explosion Investigation Continues” with the subtext “Last week’s explosion in Franklin still perplexes police”.

The owner of the time machine lived in Franklin.

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