Busted! (Almost)

The girls drive back to Andrea’s house to see if her brother had slept yet so that she could go in and get some clothes.
“I think he’s sleeping, all the lights are off” Krissy said “Go ahead!”
Andrea opens the door very carefully and walks in on her tippy toes, she proceeds and climbs up the stairs to her room when she hears a voice.
“Andrea, is that you?” The voice said.
“Yep” She followed the voice to the kitchen; it was Larry’s girlfriend Leslie. “Oh..Hey Leslie..I was just umm going up to my room.” Andrea said.
“Okay girlie! But I’m not really gonna buy it but because I honestly don’t care, I’m gonna pretend.” Leslie said.
Andrea hated Leslie.
Andrea goes up to her room and grabs some clothes, stuffs them into her backpack and opens the door to see if she was still awake, she was. So Andrea decided that she would climb out the window. She was only 2 stories high. She climbs down slowly, quietly and carefully. She gets into the car and they drive off toward the direction of Krissy’s house.

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