Moving in? (sorta!)

They pull up to Krissy’s house. They walk into the house.”Hun?” A voice coming from the living room says.

“Yeah ma! It’s me and Andrea’s here too, she’s gonna sleep over….Larry’s out of town for a few days. So she’s gonna kick it here” Krissy says.

“Okay honey, you guys go ahead and freshen up and I’ll get you a snack”.
The two girls go up stairs.

“Your mom is so nice! Every time I come over, she makes so much food, I wish my brother would feed me every once in a while.”
“Forget about him for now!”
Andrea takes her stuff out of her bag.

Are you F*ing serious?!” Andrea says as she takes her clothes out. “What’s wrong?” Andrea raises her clothes to show krissy.
“My freaking pen exploded!â€?

“So there was no point of us going to the house, you’re still gonna wear my clothes…don’t worry i don’t mind sharing.”

“Here try these on for size!” Krissy hands Andrea a shirt and pjs. Andrea tries them on and they are a little tight and uncomfortable. “They don’t fit too well” Andrea says.

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