An Inspiration Quiz

1. Can I “Crank Dat”? Hell yea, I’m da ish.

2. I like mixing cereals but the worst combo was Berry Cap’n Crunch and Cocoa Krispies. lol. Bad experiment.

3. Oddly enough my most missed memory is of my sister’s apartment. It was fun hanging out there.

4. I actually made this line up. Boy you so fine, I gotta make you mine. It’s never been used.

5. I wouldn’t want to meet any Disney character because those people in giant costumes freak me out.

6. I’d be Gingey in that Shrek HD commercial.

7. If I have a boy I’ll name him Trestin, Jeremy, Jason, or Michael. A girl I will name Rebecca, Jaime (like hi-may), or Kiya.

8. Stupidest rule: Walking in the hallways in a circle to get to the next class until that classroom is empty. Enforced by my elementary/jr high.

9. One expectation I will never live up to is becoming a doctor which is what my mother wants me to be.

10.I’ve never been in lovelovelove. Still waiting.

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