Sleeper Agent

The two men began moving towards Valentine. He could see their wide eyes, clenched teeth and facial twitches. It was a look he’d seen a thousand times before, these were two men looking for a fight. Valentine turned back to his beer, he had no interest in two thugs spoiling for a bar fight. Out of the corner of his eye Valentine saw Mike being violently pulled off his bar stool and slammed into the floor. The thugs began to kick his prone body as Mike desperately tried to protect himself.
“What are you doing in our bar, you fucking nigger?â€? one of them taunted.
“This bar is for REAL New Zealanders only,â€? shouted the other. As quickly as the attack began it was over. Mike lay on the ground coughing, blood streamed from several cuts on his face as he held his chest trying to regain his breath.
“What about the nigger lover?â€? Valentine heard being asked behind him.

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