A Long Day (10)

We shot throught the forest, with me desperately telling Cirrus which way to go and the hunter just as desperately holding on. The gang ran behind us, shooting off bullets that missed us by inches. Finally, after what seemed like hours, we cleared the forest and lost the men behind us. I slowed to Cirrus to a gentle pleasure trot and found a stand of trees in the middle of the field. I stopped there and slid off, exausted.
“Wait a minute! We can’t stop here, we have to find a low place so we won’t be seen!” The hunter dropped of Cirrus clumsily and looked at me. I felt myself turn red-not from embarrasment, but from anger. “We can’t go any further, Cirrus is worn out and he needs shade and water now! We’re gonna stay here whether you like it or not!” I turned and began untacking Cirrus.
“Well, that’s no way to talk to your savior, missy!”
I sighed. “I’m sorry. It’s just-it’s been a long day.”

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