My Story (13)

“I was riding through a field about a mile from our farm- Pleasent Acres- and we were trotting, then- well, something scared Cirrus. He took off- really fast, I couldn’t stop him, and we went really far- I was just trying to hold on, I didn’t know where we were. I guess I must’ve fallen off and hit my head or something because I woke up later, and it was late afternoon…I ran into the woods were you found me, and-And I heard a gunshot! I thought it was hunters, you know, and I was gonna call out so they wouldn’t shoot me, but- well, someone-it was that pale guy, the leader, but i couldnt see him yet-he called out, he said “Come out, come out!” . And that didn’t sound like he was a hunter…so I climbed up that tree! And when they came in, he was still saying stuff like that, and they heard me. And he said something weird, like, “What do you know?” and then-well, you know the rest.”

Chis frowned and smoothed his hair. “Well, that is a mighty strange story, Miss Ava!”

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