Sleeper Agent

A rustle of clothing and a slight breeze on the back of Valentine’s neck suddenly made him aware of a person walking by, only this person didn’t walk by but turned and sat down on the barstool next to Valentine.
“You watching the races mate?â€?, he asked. Valentine turned and looked over the man. He was a neatly dressed Maori man with a big smile on his face.
“Not really, just something to look atâ€?, replied Valentine.
“Ah, mind if I sit here and watch?â€? the Maori asked, “My brother-in-law’s horse in running in the next race.â€?
“Sure, be my guest,â€? said Valentine.
“The name’s Mike,â€? he said, reaching out his hand. Valentine reached out and shook his hand firmly.
“Valentine, but everyone calls me Val.â€?
“Interesting name you’ve got there. You from around here?â€? asked Mike.
“Yeah, my mother’s side of the family is Italian,â€? replied Valentine dismissively. He turned back to his beer and drank deeply.
“So what do you do?â€? Mike asked as he tried to attract the bartender’s attention.
“Nothin’â€? was the reply.

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