A Child's Last Plea

I am the last one left.
My twelve brothers and sisters. My mother, father,aunts, uncles, cousins… all gone.

I don’t know why they have spared me so far. Waiting in this cold metal room, with the constant clicks and buzzing of their language all around me. It has left me numb. Resigned.

But I have a secret.

If, when, they come for me, I will bite them, scratch them, tear at their pale leathery skin if I have to. Anything to draw blood.

Heh. I will be the one to infect THEM .

That’s what I was born for. It’s what my parents tried thirteen times for. I’m Lucky thirteen.

I don’t know how many humans are left out there- ekking out existence in caves and sewers. But to them I say: Hold on, please hold on just a little longer.

Vengence is coming- and her name is Lucky.

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