Sam and Matt

The school bell rang and kids rushed out the door. Running down the streets to get to there home in time for whatever TV program was on that afternoon.

Sam and Matt walked over to the side of the school where the bike racks were and began to unlock their bikes.

Sam’s bike, a newer blue one, with spikes and gears. The words Free-Fall 3000 written across the bar.

Matt’s bike, an older red one, with a classic banana bike look to it.

The two boys got on their bikes and began the ride towards their homes.

“Thank god it’s Friday!!!” Sam said turning his head to look at Matt.

“Yeah I know, I’m so excited for the weekend.”

They rode their bikes through the middle of town.
Past the barber shop, past the local market, and past the psychic place.

Sam turned left onto Maelstrom Drive, while Matt headed towards Jefferson Street.

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