Rawhead & Bloodybones (Lyrics Challenge)

The wild, overgrown grass whipped at her face, stinging as she ran away from the old house. The echo of the song thrummed in her brain.

Reaching from
Dark cupboard
Crouching under stair,
Lurking in chimney,
Pond or well

She’d come into the house on a dare by the local kids. She was supposed to bring something back to them from inside as proof she’d done it. She never made it past the stairs before the voices began to overcome her.

We’re down here,
Held here
Dragged here
And drowned here by
Rawhead and Bloodybones

Her heart began to pound. Everywhere she turned became blurry as if the room was spinning. Out of the corner of her eyes she thought she saw ragged claws reaching for her. Her screams added to the chaotic din before she found her feet and began to run.

She was free, away from that evil house. She slowed and finally jogged to a stop near a tiny pond to catch her breath. She leaned against a gnarled tree and shut her eyes – shut out the horror…

She never felt a thing.

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