A Ridiculously Unplausible Love Story, or Why Does His Shirt Keep Coming Off? Part Nine

Guy and girl walked over to Hannah, Guy still trying to put his shirt on. His chest was slowly turning blue from cold.
“Whoa, so you really are pregnant! That wasn’t just a rumor?”
said Girl, kneeling down and helping Hannah to sit up.
“Yes! Of course I’m pregnant! Now get me some hot chocolate with a dash of brandy!” snapped Hannah indignantly.

crickets chirping

“Hannah? You’re…underage. For brandy.” said Girl, puzzled.
“Yeah. And for-”
“-getting pregnant.”
“Thank you.” Girl turned back to Hannah, who was looking furious. “Besides,” Girl continued, “We don’t have any hot chocolate, Hannah.”
“What? No hot chocolate? What kind of PAs are you two, anyway? And why do you have your shirt off?” she said pointing at Guy.
“To show off my manly chest, of course!” Guy said proudly.
“Your manly chest is turning blue, Fabio.” Hannah pointed out dryly.

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