Sam's House

Sam parked his bike in his driveway and entered his brick-stone 3 story house.

He threw his new JanSport onto the leather couch in the loft. Grabbed a soda from the fridge, and walked up to his room.

He turned on his HD Flat-screen TV and blasted the newest FOB CD on his surround sound audio system.

Sam slouched on his couch and checked his text messages on his Red Razor.

After Sam finished watching an episode of
“Pimp My Ride” on MTV , he signed onto his Macbook to see if anyone was on.

Samster321: dude matt what’s going on?

MMan900: nothing, just finished my algebra, you?

Samster321: haven’t touched my math homework, but hey that’s what sunday nights are for.

MMan900: lol you are such a procrastinator

Samster321: yeah that’s me, so you wanna do something tonight?

MMan900: yeah deff., oh g2g, mom wants me to take out the trash
MMan900 has gone offline

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