Matt's House

Matt signed off the 1987’s Sony PC in the family room and walked into the kitchen.

“Did you finish your homework?” Asked Matt’s mom.

“Yeah, I just had Algebra, and I’m all done with it.”

“Okay good, when you are done don’t forget to walk Copper.”


Matt tied the garbage bags and went out the side door. He walked down the driveway and put the bags on the curb. Then he reentered his one story, white shingled, ranch style home.

“Copper, here boy!!”

A hound came rushing towards him. They had gotten him from a pound about a year ago, and named him after Copper, from
Fox and the Hound.

Matt took the dog out, and walked down Jefferson Street. He took Copper around the block and then returned home.

“Hey mom can I do something with Sam tonight?”

“As long as you rake the leaves first.”

“Yeah, alright.”

Matt pulled on a light jacket and went outside.

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