Stop Flirting With Waffle

It was the second last day of school before break, and because of this we had a special schedule. So now I’m going to a study hall with my science class.

I walked into the study hall, and saw Bryce in the back, I decided to go sit by him.

Well almost by him, next to Bryce, was Rafael (who I like to call “Waffle”) and I sat in front of Waffle.

In front of me was Jordan, an annoying girl, who I really don’t like. And next to her was Esther.

“Give me my pen Waffle!!” I said halfway through class.


“Give it here, it’s the clicky kind, I like the clicky kind!”

“Too bad.”

So the entire class I spent trying to get my pen from Waffle, as he kept poking and tickling me, and as I occasionally pulled his hood over his head.


I looked up, and Esther handed me a note.

Stop flirting with Rafael, Bryce is looking at you!!!

I turned around and looked at Bryce. He quickly turned away.

I wrote back to Esther.

Aww dang, this suxs

I put my head down, and ignored Waffle the rest of class.

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