The start of a new life

“Then I’m gonna have to get you something from my mom’s closet” Krissy says
“I don’t wanna bother your mom, could you ask her first before you get me any of her clothes?”
“Of course, I’m not just gonna take it”.
Krissy walks out of the room, and then comes in 10 minutes later with an outfit and a tray with some snack on it.
“Here ya go” Krissy says as she hands Andrea the clothes.
Andrea goes into the bathroom and tries the clothes on and then comes out.” they’re big but they’ll be fine until I go home and get some more clothes. Are you sure you’re ok with me staying here?”
“Yeah…yeah it’s gonna be awesome.Here is a snack.i’ll be right back i think i hear my brother calling.”
“I didn’t know you had a brother!”
“Yeah I don’t like to talk about him, he’s really annoying and he’s actually my twin…â€?
“So he goes to school with us?”
“So I know him?”
“I don’t know, maybe but can we talk about this when I come back?”
“Oh yeah sorry”
Krissy walks out and comes back a few minutes later.

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