Back At Sam's

Sam slid down the railing as he called out to his dad.

“Hey dad is it alright if Matt comes over tonight?”

“Yeah okay sure.” Said Sam’s dad as he set his briefcase down.

“Cool great.” Said Sam.

“Oh and here’s your allowance before I forget.” Sam’s dad said as he pulled out a fifty dollar bill and handed it to his son.

“Thanks dad.”

“Listen since I’m paying you and everything, how about you wash the car this weekend?”

“Awww dad do I have to??!!??

“No I guess not.” His dad said as he took off his jacket.

“Okay, well then I’m gonna call Matt, and tell him to come at 7.” Sam said running upstairs and pulling his cell out of his pocket.

He speed dialed Matt’s house.


“Hi is Matt there?”

“Yes hold on.”

“Hey. Said Matt.

“Hey it’s Sam, you can come over at 7, is that cool?”

“Yeah, sounds awesome, see you then!”


Sam hung up the phone.

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