Extrication (Guardians, Ep. 14)

As I stepped through the gate, the hungriest and most desparate of the daemons charged. Perfect. I trapped it just before through the gate and opened my channel to the Unincarnate, linking it back to that small bit of me still lying on the plains of Hell. The holy fury burst upon the hellish plane like nuclear fire, cleansing and destroying, as I let the gate fall closed. That little bit of me left behind was gone for eternity – I had just sacrificed part of my eternal soul. David Longman-Steele’s was obliterated from all existences – something in me thought he got off easy.

I caught some of the backwash. One does not link the fires of Heaven’s fury directly to the plains of Hell without a price. My skin was peeling, my face burned. No problem.

I stood on the rocky beach below Lamargan Point. The tide was out. An act of will converted my body – my skin became glistening armor, and the barrel of a Will-Gun extruded from my forearm.

I leaned my head back and Called.

"Guardians, Assemble!"
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