Indecent Intent 2 (Melia and Tad Winslow's Collaboration)

The boy swaggers up the sidewalk until he’s just a few feet from her. He looks older up close. She decided it was his eyes that scared her. Mrs. Madsen stands her ground, though that slight tingle of fear begins to gnaw at her. Something about this boy just isn’t right.

Most of the time, the pimply-faced teens just leered or cat-called as they passed. She would roll her eyes at them but a part of her she’d never admit to kind of enjoyed it. The part that often reminded her she was 37 and alone again since Mr. Madsen up and left. But none of them had ever had the gumption to actually approach her. This one though… He seems so arrogant, so cock-sure of himself. It frightens her a little.

She gulps and takes a step back. “Well if you aren’t going to tell me your name I suggest you get off my property right now.”

He just grins at her and steps closer. He stares at her chest with all the subtlety of a horny teenager. “You don’t need my name Mrs. Madsen. I know what you do need though.”

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