A Letter To My Ficlet Loves

I found this site thanks to a real world friend to invited me to join. She im’ed me one night with the link and said it was a great site and that I should join. We have since fallen out with each other and she left the site.

However I continued, easily falling in love with the site and really liking the people on here. You guys have been so kind to me. I joined think that I’d just post up my stuff and it would sit their.

But you all commented, faved and sequeled. You guys have been my rock. Of all the hard stuff I went through, am going through, you helped me and comforted me. Even though I don’t know anything about you guys I feel so close with you.

All of you are my salvation and my helpers. You let me rant, let me cry, let me be silly and hyper. You are awesome.

Thanks all, and thanks someday for inspiring me to write my own letter.

How much do I love you?

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