Irony and a Mental Thank You Note

Eventually I parked in the fathest space from the school (just my luck). On the way inside I heard a familiar voice.
“Hey, Joey! Tell Lowry I’ll be late, ‘kay?”
I snapped my head around and immedeatly saw Sam, holding an umbrella over a girl who was clinging sappily to his arm. The left half of his body was unsheltered and soaked from the rain.
I stumbled back from the wall I had smacked into, and landed on my butt in a muddy puddle. My iPod fell out of my pocket and decided to play “What a Wonderful World” at full volume.
I snatched up my iPod and turned it off, snarling, “It is not a wonderful world!”
I grumpily shoved my iPod back in my pocket and heaved myself off the ground. Checking, I discoved that my rear soaked in dirty water. Great, now it looked like I’d crapped my pants.
I sped towards the door, hoping no one had seen me.
“Dude, who was that girl?” a voice laughed from behind me.
“Shut up, she’s having a bad day.”
Whoever that Sam guy was, I mentally thanked him.

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