Everything Will Blow Pt. 15

Steven stood up and stumbled immediately, woozy from loss of blood, and vomited. I watched all of this, disbelieving and disturbed. I ran to him and tried to take his hand only to watch my hand pass right through his leaving me with a clenched fist.

Ian comforted Steven as he retched, rubbing his back. “It’s all right. I’m here. I’ve got you.â€? he murmured.

“Take me to him.â€?

I followed closely behind them as they pushed and shoved their way towards my little doorway. I shouted at them hoping that they would hear me and know I was all right. But my shouts only echoed in my head, drowned out by the din of the angry, roaring crowd that filled the streets.

Frustrated, I flew past them. I needed to reach my doorway before they did to see if the thuggish louts had finished with me. For some reason, I didn’t want the only two people in the world I cared about to see me in such a vulnerable state. I was intent on somehow getting back into my body and collecting myself before they arrived.

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