Sinking Sun

Corey looked out over the ocean. Her summer dress fluttered in the cold wind, and again, she regretted agreeing to this as her vacation. Everynight as the sun sunk, so did the temperatures. And the oceans were worse; cold all the time.
“Why do you make those faces?” Megan asked, making Corey jump.
Corey scowled and went back inisde, closing the door to the balcony behind her. “I’m thinking,” she said.
“Wow, it must hurt,” Megan remarked, sipping a cup of coffee.
“Do you ever stop drinking that stuff?” Corey snapped.
“No,” Megan replied cheerily. Megan was two years younger than Corey, and one of the most annoying siblings in the world.
“I need some fresh air- I’ll be back later,” Corey strode out of the room.
“That’s what the balcony’s for you dork!” Megan called after her sister.

Soon Corey was walking along the wall that was supposed to keep the public from setting foot on the beach at night.
It obviously did no good, because on the other side there was a young man sitting on the sand silently.

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