She couldn’t remember what her face looked like anymore, nevermind how she got in the old mirror or how long she’d been stuck in it.
All she remembered was that mirrors were all she saw, or rather, her gorgeous face and slim, curvy body was her favorite and most viewed sight. Until one particular day when she was looking particularly gorgeous and someone of an unknown origin and identification pushed her rather roughly into the mirror.
As if that wasn’t odd enough, she clearly remembered not seeing him through the mirror. She only saw herself.
Days past, soon months.. From this side of the glass she couldn’t even see herself. Unfortunately she had been peering closely at her smudgy eyeliner in the highschool bathroom.
However unfortunate, she sometimes got rather lucky and got to see the mini soap operas of everyone’s everyday life.
But she had been here for so long, that no longer did drama entertain her and no longer did taking a little looksy at the few boys who came in feel naughty.

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